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Jump to a new world!

Whether it be alone or with friends, the Solar Planetary Alliance welcomes you to a new era where combat, mining, processing, salvaging, trading, and more are needed to defend against our common foe

Advanced POAP system (CAT)

CAT Delivery 

We are now offering businesses in Decentraland the possibility to do more complex events with CAT! CAT allows metaverse builders in Decentraland the ability to distribute POAP efficiently without cheaters involved! Get information about users and more!

More Info Soon!

MARS Environment Vision

MARS is deployed on Mona & wins competition

We participated in the MONA competition and won! Our scene provides users with a perspective of what our vision is. We look towards a game of epic scale where Mobilized Mechanical Units are deployed and mysterious gates are used for the solar system benefit.

A new future

Live aboard Promethei Terra

Moon Carrier Vessel (MCV) - 01

All hands on deck! Prepare to live inside Promethei Terra! Made on the Saturn Docks, it is a unified achievement by the Solar Planetary Alliance Forces (SPAF) in an effort to establish order in the Solar System. 

Solar Planetary Alliance

A unified future

After years of planetary battles, the Solar Planetary Alliance was formed to bring peace to the Solar System. However, once again, a new war has been brought upon its citizens. 

Decentralized Education Protocol

Education for All

Due to the high demand for high-tech jobs and the inefficiency of classic methods of teaching, the Solar Planetary Alliance declared the creation of the Decentralized Education Protocol with the mission of educating all citizens uniformly.

About us

We are a decentralized group of artists and programmers who have embarked on creating the ultimate futuristic sci-fi game integrated with blockchain technologies.

Blockchain Powered Experience

We welcome you to the world of Stellar Gate where you decide to choose your path to take! Want to do mining? Combat? Items? Space battles? Then you have come to the right place! The best part is the items you obtain are truly yours thanks to blockchain!

More soon!

Follow our development

We welcome you to follow our development in our discord! 

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