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Stellar Gate DAO

Together we are creating the ultimate DAO. It takes time we know, but it will represent our best interests into the world of Stellar Gate! Stay tuned as we continue towards making our DAO a reality.

Inner view of a futuristic vehicle

What We Do

We are a decentralized group willing to achieve a full-fledged game that will connect the virtual world with the real world. Whether it be supporting space combat or education on Earth, we are looking to provide the best experience to all citizens of our amazing Solar System!​

Our Vision

We look forward to providing gamers and non-gamers with the opportunity to create a better world and encourage members to unify under a solar flag. We aim to deliver the best game experience and projects to keep the Earth and our planets in the Solar System safe!

A sketch of a human-machine hybrid

Come Play with Us

We are constantly deploying different scenes in Decentraland! Join us in one of our many estates and check our work there! We are also in MoNa and have deployed the first concept game there! Check the links below

Decentraland Estate

MoNa Mars Gate

3d model of a human-machine hybrid

Current Group Assistant Roles

Jr. Gate Engineer

We are accepting anyone willing to assist in moderating our discord server!

Jr. Marketing 

Think you can moon Stellar Gate? Then contact us!

Jr. Developer

Love coding? Awesome we do too! Join us to make this a solid game!

Jr. 3D/2D Artist

Love the arts? Then we look forward to bringing your best space art out there!

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