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Follow our roadmap! We will be releasing parts of the game as we push forward to the full release and more! All milestones may change.


01. Briefing Room - In progress

  1. Add elevator button for going up to middeck. Only for people who own the full suit. .

  2. Enable giant TV screen to receive broadcast.

  3. Enable doors to open for everyone.

02. Ship Hull - Pending

  1. Allow asteroids to spawn.

  2. Allow for multiple speed asteroids.

  3. Players will mine asteroids by shooting laser to them.

  4. Asteroids will provide ores to players.

03. Rarible Protocol - Pending

  1. We will work to implement the rarible protocol in decentraland in order to empower decentraland parcel owners to have their own marketplaces.

04 . POAP Second Phase CAT - Pending

  1. Make a github available for everyone to implement CAT into their scene for better distribution of POAP.

  2. Make avalable for POAP users to easily purchase CAT and implement it.

  3. Make a more powerful CAPTCHA

  4. Implement the first DCL VALIDATION check for players.

05. Mid Deck - Pending

  1. Enable doors to open for people who hold the NFT suit.

  2. Early access view to Mid-Deck rooms

06. Briefing Room V0.1.1

  1. Enable purchase of CAT services in Decentraland

  2. Allow for sponsor rooms to be automatically purchased by clients

  3. Better streaming structure

07. Hull Deck V0.1.1 - Pending

  1. Work on better space mechanics

  2. Create a physics enabled environment for asteroid deployment

  3. Implementation of mining equipment

08. Token Distribution - Pending

  1. Work on new token without value which will be given to members who have helped with alpha testing

  2. New mine to earn mechanic will be implemented

09. Certify token with Certik - pending

  1. Certify the token code with certik prior to deployment of the version two of the token

  2. Token will be used in the stellar gate marketplace

  3. Token will replace previous token

  4. Previous token holders will be able to claim new token

10. Make in-game market - pending

  1. In game market will be made to standards desired by stellar gate

  2. In game economy will be tested and newly created token made by stellar gate will be used 








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